We have always been convinced that the combination of travel on the incredible Italian train networks and a complete free of luggage handling and worries is the ultimate way to travel around Italy.

Station fast track is our unique portage and on site assistance at key Italian railway stations. From arrival to departure we will make your railway station experience as smooth and as seamless as possible.

Step off the train in your vacation !
Station Fast Track is designed with your care in mind. Our hospitality team will meet you at your point of arrival or departure, to ensure that your journey is seamless.

Whether departing or arriving choose the Station Fast Track that suits you best!

Our Station

  • Milano Centrale
  • Venezia Santa Lucia
  • Firenze Santa Maria Novella
  • Roma Termini
  • Napoli Centrale

Station Fast Track on Arrival

Your personal greeter is at your disposal from the moment you arrive with your train. He or she will meet you on the train platform and are able to translate, assist with travel information and make area recommendations.  Dedicated porters will unload your luggage and bring it to your desired drop-off point, e.g. Arrivals hall, taxi station, metro, or private transfer meeting point.

Station Fast Track on Departure

Your personal greeter welcomes you at the meeting point agreed when booking the service. Dedicated porters will take care of your luggage under the supervision of our greeter. You will be escorted at you own pace throughout your entire journey, until you reach your train seats. Don’t worry, we will load the luggage onto the train!

With so many groups traveling by train, and given the lack of space on board trains for luggage, we have launched our dedicated door-to-door luggage collection and delivery solution - the 'LuggageBus’.

Same day luggage transfer
LuggageBus provides a city to city service for delivery of your luggage which makes your group travel easy and more comfortable. We collect your group's luggage from your hotel and ensure it arrives safely at your next hotel before your group does!
  1. Luggage is carriers on covered trasnport to ensure your luggage is protected from weather, and everything else!
  2. We are able to access the ZTL (Restricted traffic zone) so we can deliver luggage directly to your destination hotel.
  3. We offer trucks and vans of various sizes to cater for all group sizes.

Luggage delivery is guaranteed to your destination hotel in a maximum of 5 hours. We operate Italy-wide, and cross-border where required.