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My name is Emi and I live in Rome, where every cobblestone seems to whisper tales of history and every corner is adorned with the timeless elegance of Italy.

The city's vibrant spirit, reflected in its bustling piazzas and winding alleys, captivates me daily. Every step feels like a journey through centuries of culture and art.

I began my professional journey in the world of NGOs, where the mission was to weave positive change into the world. The work was fulfilling, the impact significant, but then I found a new calling—one that would allow me to create not just change through sustainability, but memories that linger in the hearts of travelers. Now, my days are spent immersed in the world of travel to Italy, where each trip is not just a journey but an unfolding story of exploration and enchantment.

My love for Italy

My love for Italy goes far beyond city limits. I'm captivated by the Amalfi Coast's breathtaking landscapes where the sea meets rugged cliffs in a timeless dance.

Tuscany's rolling hills, vineyards, and cypress trees casting long shadows on golden fields create a symphony. The majestic Dolomites urge me to explore nature's grandeur. Italy's natural beauty contrasts city vibrancy but equally captivates me.

That's why I'm active in sustainability, preserving the Italian way of life. The pervasive flair and style in daily life are irresistible, whether in fashion, opera, or local restaurants. Italian flair isn't just a choice; it's a lifestyle. From hidden trattorias to the Teatro dell'Opera, each experience paints the masterpiece of Italian living. In Italy's cultural symphony, I've found my rhythm, dancing between modernity and tradition, nature and refinement.

Italy isn't just a country; it's a mosaic of beauty, woven with passion, history, and the enduring spirit of la dolce vita.

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nature & Art

Nature is my haven for relaxation and inspiration. The rustle of leaves in serene forests and the stunning vistas of rolling hills constantly remind me of beauty beyond human creation. That's why I prefer exploring natural settings like the Italian countryside, Dolomites, Patagonian glaciers, or Norwegian fjords.

As a student of art history, I perceive art as more than a visual encounter—it's a deep dive into emotions and narratives. Music and dance also hold a special place in my heart. Whether it's the vivid colors on a canvas, the soul-stirring notes of classical music, or the captivating opera performances, each artistic expression unveils a world of emotions to be felt, not merely observed or heard.


I am a travel planner specialized in creating customized itineraries for Italy, both for the classic highlights and the off-the-beaten-path locations.

I have traveled extensively in Italy and I have a deep knowledge of its territory, culture, and history. I can offer you authentic and immersive experiences that will make you discover the beauty and diversity of this amazing country.

Whether you want to visit the iconic monuments of Rome, the artistic treasures of Florence, the romantic canals of Venice, or the hidden gems of the countryside, I can design the perfect trip for you. Contact me and let me help you plan your dream vacation in Italy.

My family and my lovely cat

I am a mother of a very spirited toddler girl, and I live in a whirlwind of scattered toys and spilled baby food but also lots of laughters and joy. The moments I love most are the big family gatherings at Sundays or for the holidays, where noisy people share food and love toghether.

In the very rare quiet moments, I am accompanied by a Siamese cat, a silly and fun girl named Cosimina that always makes me smile.

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